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System administration

You can hire us to do the common and many customer specific tasks related to Linux and Windows Server administration. If you want to change the hosting we can do for you the Server migration, configuration and security hardening.

We have experience with the most famous Cloud platforms as Amazon AWS, Softlayer, Rackspace and some big private Data Centres.

We are also a Boutique Cloud Provider which is able to offer to his clients hosting services and system administration.

  • SERVERS STRATEGY: Open Source and Microsoft strategy for organizations and choosing the best platform for your needs.
  • SERVER'S INITIAL INSTALLATION: Initial planning and installation of new network services and applications.
  • SERVERS SECURITY: Guidance in implementation of the best security practices.
  • SERVERS CHANGE-OVER: Decommissioning and disposal of old server equipment; upgrade of existing operating system and applications; transformation in virtual environment.
  • SERVERS ADMINISTRATION: Hardware and Software systems management and support of all network related activities, including investigation of network issues and liaisons with third parties as necessary.