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If you are asking yourself why:

  • Your business has a full cabinet of servers and network equipment which are not
    utilized well.
  • Every time you need to add another service you are in position to add more
    hardware and that is the only option for you.
  • Your systems are constantly consuming power that increases your monthly payments to the Data Centre and heating up the Rack. )

Else You can contact us to advise and guide how to create a fully redundant and highly available cluster system that can scale up in the future. That will definitely lower your maintenance costs while providing you with the necessary redundancy and scalability.

  • VIRTUALIZATION STRATEGY: defining the best hardware and software options for the
  • VIRTUALIZATION DESIGN: AV offers VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Open source
    virtualization platforms based on the client needs and budget.
  • VIRTUALIZATION MANAGEMENT: Capacity, performance and on-going maintenance.